The Mini Opus

Thursday October 23, 14 Griot had its Mini Opus. It was a special night. It was a night where the Griot students got to show off what they learned and improved on at Griot. 

There were a lot of parents that showed up with smiles on their faces. The excited parents were ready to get blown away with the Griot musical and artistic talents.

The dancing class at Griot did a very extraodairy job with their performance. The dancing was full of excitement. The crowd went wild with the class you heard roars screams and cheers. The cooking class made a very delicious food that everyone enjoyed. 

The rock band a Griot did a wonderful job, the lead guitar James is a talented and skilled guitar player. 

When the band started to play the crowd knew they were in for a thrill. My highlight of the night was when band played Jumping Jack Flash, the whole band was energized and the crowd was screaming "YESSS YESS". 

The whole night was just historical!

-James Halbert, Lead Guitar Player