You Inspire Me

On Thursday, November 13th, I had the amazing opportunity of serving and performing during Griot’s second Benefit Concert.  It was such a wonderful experience and as I look back at the very first one we did last year, I can’t help but to marvel at how much we have grown and reached out into our community.  There were so many people who came out to support us, and it was such blessing to know how much people actually care about what we are doing with this program. 

My Griot mates and I were extremely touched by the surrounding community businesses such as Beauty Mart and Oxbow, who helped us sell tickets, as well as businesses  such as Yazoo Pass, Coahoma County Tourism, Krosstown Package Store, and others who donated food and beverages that were served during this event.

As for myself, my favorite part of the benefit was definitely the student performances. I was touched by the poetry read by John Harris and the ensemble’s performance of Wild Horses, but the performance that really hit home was my own. It was my very first time performing my new original song, Surrender, which is the first worship inspired song that I have written.  

When I wrote this song I said I wanted people to feel something, and that night they did.  I sang and played the song, along with my singing partner Chris McClenton, with everything I had in me.  When I finished, I noticed that there were people crying and smiling, and I realized that I had accomplished just that.  I realized that what we have been doing through Griot is not just about our talent, but it is about our ability as young people to be vessels through God to influence.

With so much going on in the world, it is refreshing to know that the vision to “create some good” is still alive. So at this time I want to thank everyone who helped to make this event such a success and everyone who helps Griot be successful everyday.  You inspire me to do more.

~ T'keyah Burnett - Student, Singer, Song Writer