New Leaders Step-Up at Griot

As we start up our fifth year of Griot, there are a lot of new faces and some old ones in new roles. It is bittersweet to watch the students you love spread their wings and move on; we are so proud of them and excited for their future, but miss their smiling faces and unique personalities. 

All six of our graduated seniors from last year are in college or working full-time, but have found ways to stop by the building to say hello.  Two of our first group of student leaders graduated and have moved on to new roles in the community, leaving space for two new student leaders. We love seeing familiar faces in new roles! Valencia Metcalf is now in college at CCC and working for Quapaw Canoe Company.  We are so delighted to see her move from student to teacher for our river arts classes.  Chris Riley is working full-time for the animal shelter and volunteering as an assistant to Griot dance classes.

Our new student leaders, Jasmine and NaMonte, have already shown themselves to be up to the task as we started off the year with leadership training and bible study with our returning leaders T’Keyah and Noah.  The student leaders helped to set the tone for a great 5th year at Griot as they made our 10 new students feel welcome and helped to lead art projects and team building activities during orientation last week.  Our building continues to become an even more creative and welcoming space as we add student art to our walls and spaces.  

I am so excited to see how God is going to continue to equip and grow our Griot students into amazing leaders in their communities that will give back through the arts, community service, and their daily example. Stop by our building on Sunflower and check-out what we do after school!

~ Emily Wisseman, Griot Youth Program Director